The best Tools And Techniques to Improve Gaming Skills

Let's talk about aim and precision

Work on your concentration to have more chances of winning in FPS games! Among the essential skills: timing, to defeat enemies in shooting games. To remedy this, you will find shooting training games available at your fingertips, which can improve your aiming skills.

Aiming with the mouse is essential in many PC shooting games. The process is made up of difficulties and you can take this skill to a different level. So you need to spend some time on practice games.

Aiming with the mouse is essential in many PC shooting games. The process is made up of difficulties and you can take this skill to a different level. So you need to spend some time on practice games.

The best shooting training games for PC gamers

Your ability to aim is the first thing to consider. Then comes the parameter of the hardware, like the mouse and mousepad you use, which gives you some playing comfort. So choose your hardware wisely and test the best shooting training games from our list to become unbeatable!

1. 3D Aim Trainer

3D Aim trainer is, in our opinion, the best ally to train you to aim, with more than 30 PC games. This game adapts to your desktop settings and allows you to dramatically improve your shooting skills.

It is a great way to stimulate the target in the game. It supports many games like Fortnite, Overwatch, Counter-Strike GO, Team Fortress 2, Rust, Warface, PUBG, Battle Field, etc.

2. Aim400kg

Our second shooting training game is the Aim400KG game. This game will test your reflexes if you like PC games. In order to get fast like a pro, the tool provides you with everything you need to improve your shooting skills for PC games.

3. Aim Booster

Aim Booster is one of the best mouse games out there, with a lot of adjustable settings that let you practice what you need to improve. Small problem: to use Aim Booster, you must first activate your JavaScript because this game only works with a Flash player. So you can download Flash Player and run it to use Aim Booster.

4. Aim Practice

Aim Practice shooting game is developed with an emphasis on muscle memory for different locations on the computer screen. Like Aim Booster, this game also requires Flash Player. To play this game, tap on the red dot as soon as it starts flashing.

At the start of the game, the point is displayed on your screen for 7 seconds and ends for 1 second. You must then tap on the point before it disappears. The point is then displayed on the screen randomly. You can press S to make the point appear longer, or press A to make it appear shorter. Using the Z and X keys you can enlarge or reduce the point.

5. Mouse Accuracy

Finally, to close our list, let's finish with Mouse Accuracy. This game is the easiest tool among the best shooting training games mentioned above. It helps you improve your mouse pointer aiming and is useful both for gaming and other PC performance. 

Mouse precision and pointer click training are very easy to use. All that's left for you to do is choose your play option and click on the target as quickly as possible.

Finally, you can change the spawn speed of targets to your liking: Slow, Normal, Fast, and Epic. The size of the targets can also be changed: tiny, small, medium, and large, depending on your skills.

Why train for shooting games?

No matter what game you start to play, you will get used to it over time and learn pro skills! But what is the real point of practicing games while you improve your game playing real FPS games? The answer is simple: you can prepare for a finer game before you hit the pitch. Thus, it is difficult for other players to beat you and you will be ahead of others all the time.

Click techniques

Click speed is proving to be very useful in many games, sometimes it is even the deciding factor for victory! There are many click methods that players use in order to increase their click speed per second and thus gain a significant advantage over opponents. Below, you will find a ranking of our four main click techniques and their average speed.

Regular Clicking

Regular Clicking is simply the way you use the click of your mouse on a daily basis through routine tasks such as browsing the web, editing documents, etc. At a more or less regular click speed, you can easily reach, on average, 3-6 CPS. 

Note that some professional players have achieved a CPS score greater than 8 using the “Regular Clicking” method. The advantage of sticking to the “Regular Clicking” technique is that it allows you to have good aim during combat, however, it results in a lower CPS during your click tests.

Jitter Clicking

Jitter Clicking is an advanced technique that guarantees a better click score per second. By using this technique, you can achieve a click speed twice as fast as with the “Regular Clicking” technique.

This technique involves quickly shaking the muscles in your arm up to your wrist to quickly click the mouse. To do this, you have to stretch your wrist slightly and try to vibrate your hand to produce the "jitter" effect.

At first, it will seem difficult to do it correctly. But after a few tries, you will be able to perform the "Jitter click". The advantage of this technique is that it allows you to have a very high click speed, ranging from 10 to 14 CPS (depending on the skill and practice of the player).

Butterfly Clicking

Another incredible technique that will dramatically increase your click speed is “Butterfly Clicking”.

Personally, we think this technique is easier and faster than the “Jitter Clicking” technique but it depends on how you do it. Usually with "Butterfly Clicking" you can achieve a click speed ranging from 15 to 25 CPS (unbelievable!).

Drag Clicking

Finally, our last technique to improve your click speed is "Drag Clicking". By using the friction between the surface of your mouse and your finger, you can get hundreds of clicks in just a few seconds!

Just slide your finger from the top of the mouse arc to the button edge, so that when you move down, the button is pressed down enough to register a click.

While this is the fastest method for recording clicks in record time, we don't recommend it for gaming. Why? It is EXTREMELY difficult to aim with "Drag Clicking". However, to score points in the Kohi Click Test, you can use this technique with your eyes closed.


Games play an important role in our lives and all thanks to the technology that gives us incredible entertainment. And thanks to our list, now you have the best shooting training games at your disposal to become the best! What are you waiting for? Also, We hope these tips will help you progress in CPS, see you soon!